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please add transparancy function for 3SM

in LumenRT, 3SM file cannot controled transparancy. please add transparancy function for 3SM. We need this function for tunnel structure.
7 months ago in LumenRT 1 Needs review

Add toggle perspective on/off for plans, elevation and sections

Lumen is great for generating quick renderings however complex. While in concept design phase, In creating a plan view it tends to distort at some point because there is no toggle on/off perspective view. The same goes for elevations and sections....
3 months ago in LumenRT 0 Needs review

Sync i-Twin Progress Bar

Please could you guys include a progress bar for the syncing of i-twin model updates. I have no idea if the application is communicating with the i-twin server during sync. and have had a couple failed syncs due to me relying on simply waiting for...
6 months ago in LumenRT for NVIDIA Omniverse 0 Needs review

Cut 3d Reality Meshes

Please add the ability to cut 3d reality meshes in Omniverse. Currently the only software that can cut holes in 3d reality meshes is Open Roads using the fencing tool. A cutting tool will allow underground work such as excavation, underground util...
about 1 year ago in LumenRT for NVIDIA Omniverse 0 Needs review